Many years ago while I was taking a course on Self Empowerment, the facilitator was helping me through some difficult life issues, and out of the blue he asked “IS IT BETTER TO HAVE A STRONG EGO, OR A WEAK EGO!  This question really began one of the greatest learnings of my life.

Over the years I have been told to:

  • not be egotistical,
  • not brag about my accomplishments,
  • not believe that I am any better than anyone else in any area of my life,
  • not to talk about myself
  • not to share personal information and situations that may create dis-comfort for another person
  • and last but not least, don’t under any circumstances brag to about achievements to anyone else.

What happened to me because of these DO NOT DO’S being in my life, I completely stopped giving myself credit for me being me.

When the question “Is it better to have a strong ego or a weak ego”, my initial answer was simple!  It was, of course, TO HAVE A WEAK EGO, OR NO!!!!!!! EGO at all!

At this point the facilitator pointed out the me that we all have an EGO, that the theory above is the true theory of the mind and it exists in life and is a part of who it is that I am.

Today I understand that my ego is free floating, it does exist, it is real, we all have egos,  it a part of me and to be the empowered human being I am I need to acknowledge what I do and who I am personally.  That is what I believe a Strong Ego is, it is about my relationship with me and how I exist in the world that I have created for me!

A Strong Ego is simply me CONSCIOUSLY giving myself credit for who I am, and what I  accomplish each moment of every day.

It is self love, self empowerment, self acceptance and simply BEING all that I am, right here, right now!

What do you think? Is it better to have a strong Ego or a weak Ego?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle