Don’t despair… it is only an illusion!
All things happen for a reason.. Things happen not by chance. You have been brought here…to mirror yourself.. see the real you…..to know the true meaning of Loving yourself!

You are child crying to come out. Let that child come out!   Let it play, let it laugh, go play in the snow.. or the sandy beach.

Remember that:

  • windows are a mirror to your future….
  • windows are are an opening to your soul….
  • open your window and let the sun shine in…through opening those shutters… and
  • embrace yourself…
  • see what your future holds.. a bright future .

You are an example of the future. You are an example of man-kind. Let that illusion of what seems to be… drift away.

Talk to your inner child today…let it cry if  it  must….laugh, giggle… what ever it may be, open those shutters…. and let the sun shine in…..~

Your Loving Angels…♥
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥